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The wedding list
It's simple!

Simply place at Arthur Quentin's a list comprising all the gifts you wish to receive for your wedding. An advisor will be at your service to help you devise your list.

There is no limit to the number of gifts. However, it is desirable that all price ranges are included. Moreover, posting this list doesn't commit you in any way to the purchase of all the items on the list.

Advantage Service!

advantage for BRIDES AND GROOMS

The wedding list ensures you receive only the gifts you want and prevents you from receiving the same gift twice.


We provide notice cards so you can inform your family and friends about the list registered in our store. Once informed of the existence of your list, they won't need to choose their gift within their budget. They can do so in the store, by phone or by e-mail.


You can modify your list by adding or removing items whenever you want.

FOLLOWUP advantage

You will regularly receive the progress status of your list by e-mail. You can check your list's development at all times.


The gift cards allow those who wish to present a gift in the form of money in whatever amount they choose.


  • •   a gift card corresponding to 10% of the total amount (taxes excluded) of the purchases made on your list,
  • •   a 10% discount on all your purchases in store; this discount is valid for a year starting from the date of the closing of your list,
  • •   free delivery of your purchases at the date of your choice within the limits of the Island of Montreal.

When to register your wedding list?

We recommend you to do so three to four months before the big day, since guests usually purchase their gift relatively early, often to have more options.

For an information appointment without any obligation:
514 843-7513
or 1-800-303-7513


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