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We strongly value the relationship between our stores and our customers, and to us, this site is only part of that relationship. From our standpoint, the real experience of shopping at Arthur Quentin is paramount.

However, we mustn’t forget those who are too far away, or far too busy, to make their way to the stores, but would nevertheless like to purchase an article seen on our site.

Order by phone:

Simply dial (514) 843-7513.

A salesperson will take your order, your delivery information, and your credit card information. Once the transaction has been validated, your purchase will be delivered as soon as possible.

Order online:

Click on the “Order” button and complete the purchase order form that appears on the screen. We will the contact you for confirmation. Note that some fields are required.

Arthur Quentin will ship, at your expense, the gifts you wish to send anywhere in Canada, as expeditiously as possible.

At your request, we will also include a greetings card or a personalized message of your choice.