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It is our commitment to excellent service that has contributed to the success of our stores- perhaps even more so than the selection of products offered!
Our stores continue to provide services that meet and surpass our clients' expectations:

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Special requests Corporate gifts
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The Gift Registry... classic yet contemporary!

Since ancient times, on the occasion of a wedding or an anniversary, friends and family have celebrated by offering gifts to mark the event. This generous tradition has survived to the present day, and opening a gift registry can provide many advantages!

The gift registry is like a wish list, a tool used to guide friends and family in their choices. For those giving, it's instantly finding the perfect gift; for those receiving, it's knowing that they'll get only gifts that satisfy their needs and desires.

The Bridal Registry... at Arthur Quentin- it's easy!
In each of our stores, our advisers are at your service, helping to guide you as you put together your very own bridal registry. All you have to do is choose the things that you love and that fit your personality and your lifestyle, which you would like to receive as gifts.

No more question of getting things you don't like, or worse yet, getting the same thing twice! Once your list is complete, our advisers will provide you with notice cards informing your family and friends that you have opened a bridal registry at Arthur Quentin. You can even include this card with your wedding invitation.

... It's the guarantee that you'll get what you want
Your list is available to your friends and family in our stores. The list can also be sent to them by e-mail or by fax. They can treat you to a gift that pleases you either by visiting our stores, or by telephone, e-mail or fax.

... It's regular updates on the progress of your list
All you have to do is ask, by telephone or by e-mail, and you'll be advised of what gifts have already been purchased. You can, at any time, make any adjustments to the list that you feel are necessary.

... Surprise! : Arthur Quentin shares in your happiness
It's our pleasure to present you with a gift certificate in the amount of 10% of the total purchases made from your bridal registry. This amount will be calculated on the closing date of the list.*
You will also receive a discount card that entitles you to 10% off all your purchases at Arthur Quentin. This card is valid for 2 years, and is not applicable to the gift certificate offered to you by our stores.

... Don't Forget Giftwrap and Delivery!
Of course, we are happy to superbly wrap your gifts, and deliver them to you on the date of your choice. Delivery is free on the island of Montreal.

* see details in store.

For information:
Follow- up purchases

Do you need to replace a chipped or broken dish, or complete a dinner set? We undertake to provide these solutions by offering constant and guaranteed access to our product lines. This is why we choose classic models that never go out of fashion, made by established and trusted manufacturers.

Special requests

Are you a hotel, restaurant or corporation with a special request? The catalogs of our suppliers around the world are at your diposal, and we will help you find what you are looking for.

Corporate gifts

Do you need advice, ideas or suggestions when choosing distinguished gifts? Our specialists will help you find the perfect gift for any occasion- whether at year's end, or for a wedding, or retirement, for example.

For members of the press

If you are a journalist, researcher or stylist, regardless of what type of media you work in, we will send you regular previews of the print and photo press releases of the latest products in our stores.

If you are interested in receiving these notices, please get in touch with Renée Fournier here :